Planning tomorrow, today

Next week my new employment starts! The Wales arm of Broadway Financial Planning ( will be all steam ahead and new clients required!

Today I am planning my ‘tomorrows’ in a company that can offer a personal service, which will enable me to build a lifetime relationship with my clients. I am excited to be working  with individuals who run a financial planning company that I would want to be a client of.

So, I must dash to organise business cards, linked in / social network pages, post practicalities, telephone lines and stationary, all of which are vital for the future development of the business and brand.

Social media extravaganza

This week I am going to try to work out how best to use Social Media for business.

I feel it is very tricky to establish the human interest element when tweeting, posting or blogging about business, especially in connection with Finance. I find a lot of the Linked In and Twitter corporate stuff a little boring.

I believe the reason why many clients work with a Financial Planner, is because you are an individual and they like this ‘you’.  I find that in meetings, whilst they want to know that technically you are up to speed, well qualified and highly professional, they are not as interested in the highly technical details, as much as, where you are off on holiday or how your family are! It’s a very personal relationship that you build.

So, I need to work out how to strike a good balance of technical info and personal interest, and also whether to keep some parts separate, after all, not everyone needs to know what knitting project I’m working on and my friends don’t necessarily want to know all about work.

There are so many sites now: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Blog, Instagram and Google+ (which I have no idea about) – so I have lots to do before I feel confident I can get it right.

New Start & some fabulous Mexican

Here goes…..

I am a little nervous about the coming weeks and months, as I move on with my career to a new job at Broadway Financial Planning. Its a big change for me, however, its an exciting opportunity to work with people I respect highly in the profession, to learn more and to work with clients whom I respect and value, in a job I really enjoy.

I’ve just over one more week until I officially start, so I am taking advantage of this break. I am doing a little work but also having lots of working lunches and networking, as well as setting this Blog up – and maybe a few naps.

I went to Wahaca ( in Cardiff for lunch today, it was amazing. Mexican street food at its best – Yum.

From my little book of Calm today (author Paul Wilson):


Share your life with a pet – being generous with your affection to it – and you’ll have an appreciative assistant in your efforts to become calm. “