Social media extravaganza

This week I am going to try to work out how best to use Social Media for business.

I feel it is very tricky to establish the human interest element when tweeting, posting or blogging about business, especially in connection with Finance. I find a lot of the Linked In and Twitter corporate stuff a little boring.

I believe the reason why many clients work with a Financial Planner, is because you are an individual and they like this ‘you’.  I find that in meetings, whilst they want to know that technically you are up to speed, well qualified and highly professional, they are not as interested in the highly technical details, as much as, where you are off on holiday or how your family are! It’s a very personal relationship that you build.

So, I need to work out how to strike a good balance of technical info and personal interest, and also whether to keep some parts separate, after all, not everyone needs to know what knitting project I’m working on and my friends don’t necessarily want to know all about work.

There are so many sites now: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Blog, Instagram and Google+ (which I have no idea about) – so I have lots to do before I feel confident I can get it right.

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