Week one

So, I am up and running – well typing!!  I am still awaiting my FCA registration and approval, fingers crossed for next week. In the meantime, my new IT equipment is here and other than a few teething problems to sort, all seems to be working. I have also had a couple of meetings and I am starting to get to grips with our new back office software.

My lovely ex colleagues gave me a brightly coloured desk tidy and post-its, paperclips, stapler etc, which looks great in my temporary home office (below)

Check out the new desk!
Check out the new desk!

I have started setting up all our social media, so BFP Wales are now on Twitter (@BfpWales) and a Page on Facebook ‘BFP Wales’. I am tinkering with Hootsuite and Instagram too.

Anyone with a cat (or who follows the crazy cat world on Twitter) will know hashtags (#) for each day are key for trending on the web, for example #tunatuesday #jellybellyfriday #catboxsunday !

I’m trying to think of #’s that could accompany our messages and become our key link for each day of the week. So far I have thought of #calmthoughtmonday #toptiptuesday  and then #planitwell for a key message. Any thoughts for other days of the week?

Speaking of, here is Basil keeping me company today.

Fluffy comany
Fluffy company


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