On the road again

Last Thursday I got the email to confirm I have been re-authorised and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority to provide financial advice. This is huge relief, as you never know how long these things will take…..So it’s all systems go! Three meetings in the diary this week and really excited to be getting to know new clients.

Thanks for any responses to my last blog with hastag ideas! I think I have settled on #motivationmonday #toptiptuesday #wisewordswednesday #thoughtforthursday #fridayfunday – so keep an eye out on Twitter @bfpwales or @planning_angel and FB page and Linked In. I am keen to develop Instagram too – but what type of pictures do I post in connection to the business is stumping me.

My aim for the social media is to have 100 followers on Twitter for @bfpwales by the end of the week. We have 33 so far – please follow or RT.

It has been very interesting to see that pension firms Just Retirement and Partnership have announced they have merged in a deal worth £1.7bn today. The pension annuity providers who specialise in selling medically underwritten annuities (Partnership also offer immediate needs annuities for long term care) have joined forces after government pension reforms have hammered their businesses. Although reports seem to indicate that annuity sales have actually increased over the last few months, the pension reforms are clearly having a serious impact in the industry.

These two providers are leaders for impaired / enhanced life annuities and their merge will certainly mean a little less choice for those making retirement choices and where an annuity purchase is suitable for them.

You can read more here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/insurance/11795660/Pension-firms-Just-Retirement-and-Partnership-agree-1.7bn-merger.html

In other news…. I travelled home to Wiltshire at the weekend and saw Dirty Dancing at The Luna Cinema, it was brilliant. If you can get to see a film outside, with a picnic and with friends, I would highly recommend it.  In Cardiff in September its Mama Mia or in Swansea its Top Gun! http://www.thelunacinema.com/cardiff-castle/4588919035

Basil pawblished his first Blog, as a guest slot on ‘Hugo and his friends’ – a German cat and his Dad, that we have gotten to know via Twitter. https://catconcenter.wordpress.com/

His followers then shot up and we are now at 1,842, I have no idea how I will get @bfpwales to that number, but I am going to try!!




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