Twitter world (the good, the bad)

I’ve been on Twitter as @planning_angel for a few years. However, I’ve only really taken it seriously for about 6 months, when I was convinced by another Cat ‘mum’ to set up Basil with his own Twitter account @fluffybasil .

It made sense, as I wanted my Twitter account to be about financial planning, life, craft & me and it was getting a little taken over by the craziness of the #catsoftwitter

Via Basil’s Twitter and my own account I daily speak to people all over the world. There are favourite ‘Tweety’s’ who I enjoy conversations with every day. Other Financial Planners, craft and cat lovers. I’ve been sent gifts from people I’ve never physically met from across the world.

It’s done a great job of reminding me that there is great kindness and generosity in the world and that it is still given willingly by many people.

At the same time there are people who are a little scary and demanding. One person this week asked 3 times why I had unfollowed & how dare I? I’d been offended by language and talk about guns – so the account is now blocked. When I see that type of behavior,  I can envisage how vulnerable or impressionable people could be targeted.

When speaking to my mum about the people I’ve met and who I now have regular contact with, she reminded me that my godmother, Gretchen (I’m named after her) and mum met like this, but in a more traditional way, as Pen Pals. Introduced at school to the concept they started writing age 12, my mum in the UK and Gretchen in the U.S. They met at age 21 and remain firm friends and now email regularly instead (45+ yrs of writing!)

Social media & technology can be a little scary sometimes, everything is so quick, in your face and privacy sometimes can be compromised, but it’s also a wonderful tool to express yourself, meet people and make friends.

The new pen & paper.

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