New York, New York


New York. The city where it feels like anything is possible.

Pancakes anytime of the day, all the art you can absorb, shop till you drop in major stores or local crafts , choose from over 20 Broadway shows each night, eat all types of food and see people pushing dogs in prams and no one batting an eye lid. It was great.

To really experience it, I had to walk A LOT. I hope my feet recover in time for my Brothers Anglo-Sikh wedding next weekend. (That will be another blog all of its own I think!)

Everyone speaks about central park being amazing, but until you get there, you just can’t comprehend how special it is. Surrounded by skyscrapers and traffic in the city 24-7, you come across this idyllic area, which smells so so fresh and clean. It really is something special. The other things I really enjoyed were being by the water, anywhere along the Hudson River, and walking the High Line. Little bits of green and clean air in the massive concrete jungle.


While I was there I met my Twitter friend, Giovana. We’ve never met before, only messaged via social media. She has a fluffy cat like Basil, called Tiger. To some this may sound strange, but I can’t see its any stranger than online dating or having a pen pal – and at least we knew we had cats in common!

Originally from Brazil, she moved to New York when she married a guy from there. We got on really well and enjoyed chatting over some good food and wine about our lives, jobs, family and of course, cats. We visited the Cat Café, Little Lions and that was so much fun.

It was great to have some company on a few days, but to be honest, I enjoyed experiencing the city on my own and selfishly, doing everything I wanted to do, without any arguments or tension.

I got to do two of my favourite things; see some beautiful (and some crazy) art and to shop. It was great and I will have to go back sometime.

In other news, Basil turned three last week. I got him a tie to wear (from New York of course). He doesn’t like it much though, I had to distract him to get this picture.