Magenta is a go-go


Last week, Magenta Financial Planning launched and I moved from Broadway Financial Planning to Magenta. We received cakes, flowers and cards, from friends and clients which was lovely.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Keri Carter, Managing Director at Broadway, for employing me and giving me a great opportunity to work with her team and learn from her over the last year or so. We have exchanged many best practice ideas and plan to stay in close contact.

The new Magenta website is live and I am so excited to eventually have a corporate blog, to share technical guidance, case studies and team news. You can view this here:

We have had a great first week and the whole team are all very excited about the business going forward.

In the lead up to the launch we had new photos taken, some formal and corporate for press and others showing our fun side! This is my favourite of them.